Seniors' Activities

In May of 1998, a committee of six was formed to plan, coordinate, and host various events and activities for the senior members of our parish.

The first order of business was to distribute a survey gauging the interest level of our Over-60 Set in response to various types of suggested activities and entertainments (sporting events, theater, bingo, casino trips, etc.).

According to the results, almost all of the above activities held a level of interest, with many more suggested. Our activities would be scheduled for Sunday afternoons and, initially, would be limited to 4-5 activities per year.

Join Us!

All of our activities, whether well attended or not, provide an opportunity for Christian FELLOWSHIP; each of them, therefore, has been a success!

Keep watching the weekly 'Messenger' for upcoming events!


Some past events...

Our first event took place in 1998 with a luncheon in the parish center and transportation to the Bloomington Education Center for a production of 'Fogey Follies'. Since then we have hosted:

  • A sightseeing bus tour of the Twin Cities followed by an indoor picnic at the parish center
  • Several bus/day trips to area casinos
  • Four (annual) lunch-in-the-parish center and Bingo parties
  • A Chinese buffet lunch at an area restaurant with bus transportation to a second and completely different production of the 'Fogey Follies'
  • Two Christmas lights tours
  • Luncheon in the parish center followed by entertainment by a local dance group

More recently...




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