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Doubting ThomasThe mid-point of Pentecost is here today, brilliant from the one side in the brightness of the divine Pascha, and shining from the other with grace of the Comforter. (Canon for the Midfeast)

This coming Wednesday, the Wednesday of the 4th Week of Pascha, is the middle of the 50 days from Pascha to Pentecost, and thus we call it the Midfeast or Mid-Pentecost. It is a feast of eight days during which the liturgical texts combine the themes of the Midfeast with those of Pascha.

There are two main themes to the feast. One is connected in a complex way with the water - the waters of immortality, Christ as the living water, water in the pool of Siloam, water at Jacob's well, the water of baptism - and the other, as the icon of the feast shows, points to Christ as Teacher. This theme links the story of Luke 2:46-47, in which as a boy Jesus amazes the temple elders with His teaching, and the story of John 7:14-30, in which 'in the midst of the feast Jesus went up to the temple and taught', amazing all by His 'doctrine'.

Baptism is our own, personal Pascha. It marks our entry into the Mystery of the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our Chrismation is our own, personal Pentecost. It marks our own, unique reception of the Holy Spirit. Baptism and Chrismation go together, because Pascha and Pentecost go together. They are our personal, sacramental, liturgical appropriation of the work of Christ and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

- Fr. Andrew



Services held at the Annunciation (Cemetery) Chapel, are located at 3025 Stinson Blvd, St. Anthony
Please watch the Messenger and website for places/times of services during the renovation.

Schedule of Services
, May 5
9:30 AM Service @ Crestview
6:15 PM Great Vespers @ Cemetery Chapel

May 6
9:00 AM Divine Liturgy @ Cemetery Chapel
6:15 PM Great Vespers @ Parish Center Gym

, May 7
St. Alexis
9:00 AM Divine Liturgy @ Cemetery Chapel
6:15 PM Vespers @ Cemetery Chapel

Friday, May 8
9:00 AM Divine Liturgy @ Cemetery Chapel

Saturday, May 9
4:30 PM Jesus Prayer @ Cemetery Chapel
5:00 PM Great Vespers @ Cemetery Chapel

Sunday, May 10
Sunday of the Samaritan Woman
7:45 AM Matins @ Parish Center Gym
9:00 AM Divine Liturgy @ Parish Center Gym
9:00 am Divine Liturgy (Slavonic) @ Cemetery Chapel

NOTE: Elevators available at both the Cathedral and the Parish Center.

This Week's Events
Monday, May 4
Church Office Closed
7:00 PM Finance Committee Meeting

Tuesday, May 5
6:00 PM Stretcherize
6:00 PM Slovak Class I
7:00 PM Slovak Class II
7:30 PM Balalaika Rehearsal
7:30 PM Men’s Club Meeting

Wednesday, May 6
9:00 AM Wednesday Crew
7:15 PM St. Alexis Lecture
No Choir Rehearsal

Thursday, May 7
7:30 PM Women’s Club Meeting

Friday, May 8
11-3:00 PM Perohi Sales

Sunday, May 10
10:45 AM Saints Meeting @ Saints Room
11:00 AM Church School @ Parish Center


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