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Attend to One Another, Especially Those in Need

O Christ our God, Thy Kingdom is an everlasting one and Thy Lordship is over all. Thou hast made all things with wisdom and hast established proper times and seasons for our lives. We give thanks to Thee in all circumstances and for all things. Bless the beginning of our Church year with Thy goodness and grant that this liturgical year be for all of us a year of grace. Make us worthy with purity of heart always to praise Thee: O Lord, glory to Thee! (from Matins on September 1)

The Gospel of Luke (Luke 4:16-22) connects the beginning of the Lord's public ministry with the work of the Messiah in Isaiah's famous prophecy of salvation (Isaiah 61:1-9). The life and ministry of Jesus Christ is the fulfilment of God's plan of salvation for His people.

Our liturgical year, with its seasons, feasts and fasts, with its pattern of worship, is an important part of how we follow Christ and apply what we know and learn about Him to the daily texture of our lives. Orthodox Christians who are 'observant' - that is, embrace and apply the sacramental teaching and liturgical worship of the Church - connect the dots, make the connection between what is confessed on the lips and believed in the heart and expressed in deed.

We begin each Church Year on an optimistic note. A note full of hope and promise. The Lord has acted for us and is acting and will continue to act for us and for our salvation. His grace has touched us and will continue to work its mysterious, wonderful power in our lives. And because we are called by His name - because we are followers of Christ, Christians - we are His agents, His ministers, doers of His will. In fact, our own good deeds, our own ministries, outreach, service, expressions of kindness and love, are the way in which the Lord Himself acts.

We are His hands and feet and words for one another. Our attention to one another, and especially to those in need, is the remarkable way that He encounters and ministers to us, the way in which we encounter Him.

- Fr. Andrew


All services are held at the Cathedral unless otherwise noted.

Please watch the Messenger and website for places/times of other services.

Schedule of Services
Wednesday, September 3
6:15 PM Vespers

, September 4
9:15 AM Prayer Service
6:15 PM Vespers

Friday, September 5
9:00 AM Divine Liturgy

Saturday, September 6
4:30 PM Jesus Prayer
5:00 PM Great Vespers

, September 7
13th Sunday After Pentecost

Blessing of Students/Teachers

7:45 AM Matins @ Cathedral
9:00 AM Divine Liturgy @ Cathedral

6:15 PM Festal Vespers @ Cathedral

NOTE: Elevators available at both the Cathedral and the Parish Center.

This Week's Events
Monday, September 1
Church Office Closed
Labor Day

Tuesday, September 2
6:00 PM Yoga
6:00 PM Slovak Class I
7:00 PM Slovak Class II
7:30 PM Men’s Club Meeting
7:30 PM Balalaika Rehearsal

Wednesday, September 3
9:00 AM Wednesday Crew
7:00 PM Choir Rehearsal

Thursday, September 4
7:00 PM Women’s Club Meeting

Friday, September 5
11-3:00 PM Perohi Sales

Sunday, September 7
10:30 AM Pancake Breakfast, sponsored by “O” Club @ Parish Center
11:00 AM 1st Day of Church School @ Parish Center
11-11:20 AM every Sunday Perohi Sales @ Parish Center


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