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Bishop-elect Paul
Total Commitment

You may have read that our bishop-elect, Father Paul Gassios, was tonsured as a monk en route to his election by the Holy Synod. This is because it is the practice in the Orthodox Church that a bishop must first be a monastic before consecration. Sometimes this may seem a formality, but it expresses something very, very important: the tonsure is a sign of total commitment.

In a somewhat similar way, a man who is going to be a parish priest must be married before ordination. His marriage is also sign and expression of total commitment - to his wife, of course, but in our reading of the Apostle Paul we find that the only kind of man who can be considered for the priesthood is one who has demonstrated a successful commitment as a husband and father. In other words, if he has been a good husband and father, he might just possibly have the appropriate skill set to be 'wed' to his parish and to be the spiritual father of his new church family.

The Church requires a demonstration or manifestation of total commitment, expressed in the form of tonsure or marriage, as a precondition for ordination and consecration.

Why is commitment so important? In pastoral and monastic life, commitment is the only ground upon which ministry and spiritual discipline can flourish, just as at the end of the day, only faithfulness can hold a marriage together so that it may bear all the good fruit of married life.

Commitment is the precious vessel, the context, of all that is true and meaningful. This is true for us personally, and in our experience of church and marriage, and probably in most other relationships and activities. It is especially true in our relationship with God.

It is precisely God's faithfulness, His commitment to us and to His promises, that is the ground of everything that exists - the Big Picture - and all that is most personal and intimate. That God is faithful and true is the wellspring of the Psalmist's wonder and joy, and the sure basis of our faith and hope and love. The stability of all of Creation, the stability of our own living, is grounded in God’s faithfulness.

The commitment of the bishop and the priest is a reflection, perhaps a manifestation, of God's faithfulness. And when they are faithful, God is glorified and His will is done. They may have many other skills and talents, but the ground of them all is commitment. The self-sacrifice implicit in such human commitment reflects the divine Self-giving Love of our salvation.

- Fr. Andrew


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Wednesday, October 29
6:15 PM Vespers

, October 30
6:15 PM Vespers

Friday, October 31
9:00 AM Divine Liturgy

Saturday, November 1
4:30 PM Jesus Prayer
5:00 PM Great Vespers

, November 2
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21th Sunday After Pentecost

7:45 AM Matins @ Cathedral
9:00 AM Divine Liturgy @ Cathedral

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Monday, October 27
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8:30 AM Perohi

Tuesday, October 28
8:30 AM Perohi
6:00 PM Stretchercize with Barb
6:00 PM Slovak Class I
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7:00 PM MEOCCA Choir Rehearsal
7:30 PM Balalaika Rehearsal

Wednesday, October 29
9:00 AM Wednesday Crew
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Friday, October 31
11-3:00 PM Perohi Sales

Sunday, November 2
11:00 AM Church School @ Parish Center
11:20 AM TOWN HALL MEETING @ Cathedral
11:50 AM Carpathian Dance (Junior Group - Kindergarten-3rd grade) @ Pre-K Room
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