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Sunday After the Cross

Isn't there any heaven where old beautiful dances, old beautiful intimacies prolong themselves?
- John Dowell in Ford Maddox Ford's, The Good Soldier (1915)

The Cross is raised on high...and in His exceeding goodness and compassion, He made us beautiful and counted us worthy to be citizens of heaven… - verse at Lord, I Call on the Feast

Things change, especially the known and the lovable, the circumstances in which we have been happy. We have been happy - and then....

Our lives offer much opportunity for regret, for melancholy and sorrow, for a broken heart. This tragic knowledge is encoded in the wisdom of most traditional cultures. The biblical story of our first parents, and the fall from Paradise, addresses the origins of this loss of joy, happiness and communion. Liturgically, our hymns often reflect on the fall in terms of a profound nostalgia for Paradise - the rustling leaves, the cool of the evening, the companionable walk with God... Adam's lament outside the gates is full of bitter regret and longing.

The Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross speaks of the fall from Paradise as our loss of beauty. We once were beautiful, radiant, pure, bearers of the image of God, and through sin we lost all that, and have become somehow disfigured. The image in which we were created has become obscured and ravaged in us. It is hard to discern it in ourselves and in others. But through the Cross, we say, our ancient beauty has been restored. The paradox is clear: through the Cross, which is not only a stumbling block and a folly, as the Apostle says, but something absolutely horrific and repugnant, through the Cross the original beauty and purity of life in communion with God has been restored.

- Fr. Andrew


All services are held at the Cathedral unless otherwise noted.

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Schedule of Services Wednesday, September 21
9:30 AM Service @ Crestview
6:15 PM Great Vespers

Thursday, September 22
Prophet Jonah
9:00 AM Divine Liturgy

Saturday, September 24
5:00 PM Great Vespers

Sunday, September 25
14th Sunday after Pentecost
7:45 AM Matins @ Cathedral
9:00 AM Divine Liturgy @ Cathedral

9:00 AM Slavonic Liturgy @ Cemetery Chapel

4:00-6:00 PM Denning Visitation @ Kozlak-Radulovich NE Chapel
6:00 PM Denning Parastas

Monday, September 26
11:00 AM Denning Funeral @ Cemetery Chapel

NOTE: Elevators available at both the Cathedral and the Parish Center.

This Week's EventsMonday, September 10
Church Office Closed
6:00 PM Festival Committee Meeting
7:00 PM Board Meeting

Tuesday, September 20
6:00 PM Stretchercise
7:30 PM Balalaika Rehearsal

Wednesday, September 21
9:00 AM Holubki Making
7:00 PM Choir Rehearsal

Thursday, September 22
9:00 AM Holubki Making
12:00 PM Sts. Peter & Paul Meeting
7:00 PM Male Choir Rehearsal

Friday, September 23
9:00 AM-Done Festival setup - all ages and abilities welcome
11-3:00 PM Perohi Sales

Saturday, September 24

Sunday, September 25
11:00 AM Church School @ Parish Center
11:00 AM Endowment Meeting @ Fr. Andrew’s Office
11:50 AM Youth Choir @ Music Room


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